Tested Healthcare was established by gritty entrepreneurs who wanted to push the boundaries of healthcare and technology. Inspired by a conversation in a local Cafe, Anuj, Luvieen and Angad decided to start an at-home diagnostic service for the benefit and welfare of local patients. Today are privileged to have the most competent team of phlebotomists that serve in Hyderabad, areas of Bangalore and New Delhi.

Our Vision:

We aim to enhance the experience of a patient going to a doctor by making the process more comfortable by reducing time and effort.

Our mission:

To provide timely, convenient and reliable home service for all kinds of blood and urine diagnostic tests.

The Product:

Tested is a new At-Home Diagnostic Service that enables users to avail a blood sample collection & post test report delivery in the comfort of their home or any location of their choice. We pride ourselves in ensuring the highest level of service and loyalty towards our clientele.


Tested Mobile Application offers the following Home Blood Diagnostic Services:

1. Collection of Blood Samples in the comfort of the customer's home at a time of his/her convenience. All samples will be collected by certified technicians only and all our partnered labs maintain the highest Industry standards.

2. Delivery of Diagnostic Reports to customer's home at a time of his/her convenience, along with a soft copy sent via email.

Our People

Founding Team  The movers and the shakers


Anuj Khanna
  Co-Founder and CEO

A business and Sales Enthusiast, Anuj started working at a very young age of 17.This experience has strengthened his leadership and emboldened his strategic ethos. He currently heads the company and handles varied roles from that of an administrator to the face of the company externally. An avid travel enthusiast, Anuj spends his time off work following football, listening to good music and working out.


Luvieen Alva
  Co-Founder and CFO

A first generation Entrepreneur, Luvieen has an eye for creating solutions. Along with Tested, Luvieen also runs a top-of-the-line start-up in the education sector, called LearnEd. He wants to own a learning academy in sports, a golf course, apart from a getaway-place in the Bahamas.


Angad Atwal

Angad graduated from Ontario University in 2013, and has worked on several high-pressure, high-sensitivity projects in the defence sector over the past 4 years. He is based out of Delhi and runs his own production house, besides being the Director at MSA Global, an Omani defence company, specialising in Military and Electronic Security Systems.

Operations and Marketing team


Pranav Lakherwal

Pranav has majored in Economics and has extensive experience in the fields of Operations & Marketing. He brings flair and unpredictability to our team, specialising in running high-performance teams. His passion lies in Manchester United, future of energy, food, besides sharing an acute interest in Finance and endurance sports.


Azmat Dilshad
  VP Operations

Azmat represents a fusion of authentic Hyderabadi and the vibrant millennial culture in the organisation. He oversees our day-to-day Operations with a keen eye for constant improvement and growth. An ardent music buff, Azmat spends his time between work, music and building a better future for his community.


Clinton D’Souza
  VP Sales

Clinton is most definitely the most compassionate human being in our company. This makes him empathetic and committed towards our clients’ well-being. His sales pitch carries the original Hyderabadi zing and the most honest value-generation opportunities for all our partners. He is a family man, dedicated to the happiness of his folks and friends!

Our Board


Col MS Atwal (retd)
  Chairman: Tested and Managing Director: MSA Global

A graduate of the prestigious National Defense Academy (1976), Col.(Retd) MS Atwal is the recipient of the President’s gold medal of merit. He has in-depth experience in running some of the finest strategic and cross-sector Operations for the Indian Armed forces. His commanding presence brings a sense calm and wisdom to the forefront of our company.


Amanvir Singh Atwal
  CFO: Tested and Director: MSA Global

He has a management degree in Finance with high distinction of Magna Cum Laude from the Singapore Management University. With priori experience in consulting, he currently handles the global Operations of MSA. His eye for detail has been instrumental in the long term growth and development of Tested Healthcare

Legal team


Sahej Buttar
  Legal Head

Sahej is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur, specialising in Intellectual Property Law. She has a tremendous experience in the legal sector, with a successful stint at Amarchand & Mangaldas she has overseen projects with Nikon, Xiaomi and Infosys. Currently she manages the legal division of Tested besides running the same for MSA Global


Sukham Buttar
  Operations, Delhi

Being a graduate of the prestigious Army Institute of Law, Mohali, Sukham is a an experienced lawyer, having practiced majorly in the Punjab & Haryana High Court, and the Delhi High Court. He brings much needed support and an extra set of watchful eyes to our Delhi Chapter. Currently he is heading the Indian subsidiary, MSA Global Optoelectronics in Delhi.

Our Office



Trivia  Interesting tid bits about us

We host FIFA evenings along with some food for our employees and friends. We also like to host screenings for important matches and movies.

We share our office space with another (beautiful)upcoming startup LearnEd :D

Expect us to be slogging on the turf every alternate day, for Football or Cricket.