1. How do I know if the test reports are genuine?

We at TestEd are committed to provide easy, yet highly reliable test reports at the convenience of your home. From the point of collection, where only certified phlebotomists are authorised to collect and submit the samples, our partner labs maintain only the highest industry standards while testing.

2. How do I book an appointment?

Select your test from the available tests option. Once you’ve selected your test(s), select your preferred Diagnostic Lab. Enter your location details, then choose your preferred time slot and date from the options available for sample collection. Finally, review your details (in case you are booking the collection for somebody else) and book your collection by choosing the payment mode.

3. How do I cancel an appointment?

Once booked, you can cancel a collection request up to 3 hours in advance of the collection time.In case you had booked your appointment from a clinic or if you do not have access to the app, you can still request cancellation by calling on the phone number mentioned in the confirmation text/email.

4. How safe is the sample after leaving my doorstep?

All samples collected by us are stored in highly safe, medically tested/proven storage. Besides, our technicians (Phlebotomists) are certified and trained in handling the samples.

5. Does Tested charge me extra for all orders?

No. Tested service is free as long as the order is above 600 Rupees. For any order less than 600, we charge a service charge worth 125 Rupees.

6. Does Tested provide consultation with the Doctor?

No. TestEd solely provides blood and urine diagnostic sample collection and report delivery in the comfort of your home/preferred location.

7. What are the payment methods offered?

You can either choose to pay by your credit/debit card on our secured system, or, you can pay the amount to the technician while giving your sample (CoD).

8. What if I have to take more than one test?

You can select as many tests from the select-test page and then choose your preferred Diagnostic Center.

9. Does Tested do both urine/stool and blood sample collection?

Yes, we offer collection services for both blood and urine/stool sample collection